Property Settlement

Perth Property Settlement Services

West Perth Property Settlements has been providing a full range of home conveyancing services for over a decade. In that time, they have settled hundreds of Perth properties.

The key to our continual success is attributed to two key factors – ‘process’ and ‘attitude’. 

  • “Process” – because property conveyancing is a complex and time-consuming procedure, it is important for a settlement agency’s process to be well defined, so it is handled in a timely and correct fashion. Our processes have been time tested since the inception of the business, and we now have it down to a fine art.
  • “Attitude” – we understand that every settlement is unique and for it to be successful, attention to detail and care is required to minimise errors. We are sticklers for this, which is why we are still in the business after all this time.

We pride ourselves on providing an all-inclusive service. We arrange all land transfer documents. We also check all associated documentation and adjust rates and taxes accordingly. But we will also go that extra step and not only get in touch with your bank or financial institution regarding new mortgages and discharges, but provide change of ownership advice to all local authorities (Shire, Water, Department of Treasury and Finance). Finally, we attend the settlement and ensure all the funds are disbursed.

If you choose us as your property settlement agents in Perth:

You should click Contact Us and email your full name, the address of the property purchased and your real estate agent’s contact details. What you should do next is call your real estate agent directly and give them our contact details so we can work together on your settlement.

If you prefer a formal online quote for buying or selling, please click Online Quote – complete the attached form and, within two business hours, our office will forward you all fees and charges associated with your sale or purchase inclusive of our internet special discounted rate. We will match any other settlement quote you’ve been given and we will not be beaten on price.

Contact West Perth Property Settlements for professional and efficient property settlement services.

  • Private Sale

    A sale negotiated between the Seller and Buyer without a licensed real estate agent’s assistance. If you nominate West Perth Property Settlements we can help you complete the offer and acceptance contract and guide you through the whole property process from start to finish.  

    If you already have a completely fully signed and accepted Offer & Acceptance Contract for Sale, kindly email to or fax to +61 89481 0004 with your contact details.

    When our office is in receipt of the Contract, we can begin working towards satisfaction of all contract special conditions and settling on the anticipated contractual settlement date.

  • Change of Name/Shares on Certificate of Title

    We can provide the service of guiding you through the process of changing your names on your Certificate of Title,

    • Adding/removing names,
    • Changing ownership share structure,
    • If you have legally changed your name with the Registrar General by Deed Poll / Licence / Change of Name,
    • Would like to revert back to your maiden name following divorce,
    • There was a mistake made in the original documentation
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    Deceased Estate Transfers

    In the unfortunate event of death, we have the expertise to handle deceased estate transfers efficiently so you don’t have to deal with extra stress.

  • Conveyancing Services

    We specialise in all types of conveyancing in Perth and WA. If you are interested in buying or selling a residential home, vacant land or a commercial premises, you want to deal with experienced real estate conveyancers who have the knowledge and expertise to deal with all types of property transactions.